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259LUXU-437 2016-09-21 59min

Film Introduction

Rin Watanabe, 35 years old, is a youthful and beautiful woman who does not seem to be in her 30s. She wears a floral dress with long thin limbs. She has a style that puts a model to shame. Her husband is a music producer, and she says that she is not interested in her because she is busy and has no sex. She is so neglected that she invites her to have sex with her, but it ends so lightly that she is not satisfied. She says that because of her husband, her desires have accumulated, and she made up her mind to come here. She says she wants to do things she doesn't do when having sex with her husband, like using toys and having hard things done to her. She hugs her body and kisses her plump lips. Entangle her tongue and move it violently for a rich kiss. In her frustration, this alone makes her gasp and let out her moans. If you insert a big cock into her hot body that is incomparable to her husband's thing, she will say "Ah... it's been a long time" while feeling her waist. She who is disturbed as if to clear her sexual desire that has accumulated is really disgusting.

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SIRO-1381 Amateur AV Experience Shooting 500

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